About iCE-CInno 2019

2019 marks the 2nd installation of The International Competition and Exhibition on Computing Innovation (iCE-CInno)iCE-CInno is an international competition which is mainly for computer based innovation. The competition is organised by Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The first iCE-CInno had been held on 2016 and had successfully involved 120 participants from local and international with the theme “Eyeing The Future”. The exhibition reflects upon digital inventions having been the basis for disruptions, especially in the last decade, with the convergence of academia, e-learning and industrial practices with digital technology in the advent of Industry 4.0 that emphasized on Autonomous Robots, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), System Integration, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality and Simulation.


  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Skill-based institution
  • Universities, colleges and polytechnics
  • Industry (including Industri Kecil & Sederhana) and Research centre