About iCE-CInno

The International Competition and Exhibition on Computing Innovation (iCE-CInno) will return in November 2022! iCE-CInno is an international research competition organized by Universiti Malaysia Pahang with the endorsement by the Ministry of Education which is mainly aimed for computer-based innovation. This year marks the 3rd installation of iCE-CInno with the theme  “Empowering Change, Inspiring Technology” aims to promote the spirit of inventiveness among Malaysians and ASEAN participants. The exhibition reflects upon digital inventions having been the changes and disruption especially after the pandemic, with the convergence of academia, e-learning and industrial practices. iCE-CInno covers digital technologies that emphasize on Industry Revolution ( IR4.0)  technology and innovations.


    • Primary School
    • Secondary School
    • Skill Training Center
    • Undergraduate Students (Local/International)
    • Postgraduate Students  (Local/International)
    • Open Category (Public)



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