Category C : Skills Center, Category D : Undergraduates, Category E : Postgraduates, and Category F : Open


The competition involved

a. Students who are pursuing a Certificate, Diploma, Degree, or Postgraduate in University / Polytechnic / College / Matriculation / Institute / Skills Center / Pre- University of Malaysia and overseas (Category C, D, and E)

b. Individuals or group other than students category in Malaysia and overseas
(Category F)

The competition divided in four (4) categories where participants are required to bring their product and innovations based on computing technology implementation. The solution could be a presentable idea, prototype, product, software, hardware or research works. This competition provides an opportunity to show participants innovation at the international levels.



1. Each group consists of 3 students or more (maximum 10) and a lecturer as group’s supervisor.

2. The competition is open to a maximum of 150 groups earliest. The fee is RM 250 for Malaysian Learning Institutions while USD 100 for international participants. (not including meals, accomodation and transportation)

3. Students may present their product in Malay or English language and require to answer the question from jury.

4. The maximum score is 100%.

5. Each group have a chance to win the award Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

6. Special Awards and RM 1000 (for each category) will be given to the best overall invention.