Category A : Primary School and Category B : Secondary School


Participant provides solution for community problem by implementing computing technology. The solution could be a presentable idea, prototype, product, software, hardware or research works. Higher-level problem-solving solution is expected around level 3 to 4 for primary and 5 to 7 for secondary school (based on Bloom Taxonomy reference).



  1. This competition is for students of primary and secondary school. Each group is required to produce their own ideas or invention by implementing computing technology.
  1. This competition fostered a creative thinking culture in the production of products using computer technology solution for community problem. In addition, this competition also develop talent and innovation spirit that are continuous among primary and secondary school students.
  1. Each group consist of 3 students or more (maximum 10) including a teacher as group’s advisor.
  1. The competition is open to a maximum of 50 groups only. 
  1. Students may present their product in Malay or English language and require to answer the question from jury.
  1. The maximum score is 100%.
  1. Each group have a chance to win the award Gold, Silver, and Bronze.





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